Wednesday, February 01, 2006

K7's at Fischer Ave

This apartment had dropped ceilings so I had to trim my k7 backing so it would hold 3 racks tall instead of 4.
The picture to the left shows the Minoy rack on top of the non-hometaping rack that is wrapped in shrink wrap in preparation for moving. To the right is the trunkated 3 tall rack with compilations tapes in it. This was the left most rack on the angled wall. The two others were to the right of that on the south wall. [your are looking at the east wall]. In front below the yellow candle is the left corner of my master tape rack. This rack is unlike the others in that it hold around 500 cassettes instead of 2-300. And it would weigh a bejesus even without the heavier backboard which has.


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