Wednesday, February 01, 2006

K7 archive at Rubel

I've had to divide my collection across my studio and my attic. The multi-track masters (8 & 4 track), collaborative tapes recieved, and commercial music are in the attic. My masters and home-taping trades are in the studio. You are looking straight at the my masters and the 3 racks to the left have
1) compilations & tapes rec'd from John Wiggins, Hal McGee and Charlie Newman's cassette collections.
2) international home taping trades
3) domestic home taping trades
In the attic from left to right would be
1) collaborative tapes recieved '84-'05
2) 4 & 8 track master k7s
3) 1/2 rack of largely commercial music
4> to right) commercial music


At 12:03 PM, Blogger burnell woodside said...

Zanly...this is your Aunt Lobster, Hey, that Barnwell Woodstien fella has been Pondin' on the door 'bout ever other Wed morn'. I told him he was probably searchin' Victor, (but he knew better)....oh for cry'n ow-loud, get a crayon and a paper bag and console the fool.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger agggggnes said...

:D increíble. casi le alcanzo en número de cassettas, de lejos.


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