Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 2006 Cassette final cassette rack configurations

2 new racks & rebuilt 8' superstructure. This still doesn't include the 500 tape master rack.
Upstairs in the attic are the non home-taping cassettes.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

K7 archive at Rubel

I've had to divide my collection across my studio and my attic. The multi-track masters (8 & 4 track), collaborative tapes recieved, and commercial music are in the attic. My masters and home-taping trades are in the studio. You are looking straight at the my masters and the 3 racks to the left have
1) compilations & tapes rec'd from John Wiggins, Hal McGee and Charlie Newman's cassette collections.
2) international home taping trades
3) domestic home taping trades
In the attic from left to right would be
1) collaborative tapes recieved '84-'05
2) 4 & 8 track master k7s
3) 1/2 rack of largely commercial music
4> to right) commercial music

K7's at Fischer Ave

This apartment had dropped ceilings so I had to trim my k7 backing so it would hold 3 racks tall instead of 4.
The picture to the left shows the Minoy rack on top of the non-hometaping rack that is wrapped in shrink wrap in preparation for moving. To the right is the trunkated 3 tall rack with compilations tapes in it. This was the left most rack on the angled wall. The two others were to the right of that on the south wall. [your are looking at the east wall]. In front below the yellow candle is the left corner of my master tape rack. This rack is unlike the others in that it hold around 500 cassettes instead of 2-300. And it would weigh a bejesus even without the heavier backboard which has.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cassette racks on Baxter Ave

Cassettes at the Grandbrother Lounge

Earliest cassette rack photos

These unretouched pictures show a two tape rack stet-up in my sophomore or junior year dorm room. sansui receiver send at upper right and "the baby" wedged between the two racks.